How to make an order to design a large-sized chandelier or an illuminating composition?

Department of lighting design requires the following data for the working out of the primary sketch:

  • architectural features and building’s (premises’) interior solutions;
  • premises and building dimensions;
  • plans of a ceiling (garrets);
  • Light exposure dimensions.

How much does a large-sized chandelier cost?

The price of an article is calculated only after the primary sketch and primary technological drawings are completed. As for crystal chandeliers, the cost of articles is defined by the quality of used crystal glass and a way of its processing (faceting), the degree of manufacture complexity of bearing constructions, as well as the way of coating of metal parts of a chandelier.

What programs are used for products modeling?

Designing is carried out on the base of specialized programs of solid-state parametrical modeling - "Pro/Engineer", "Solid Works", "the Compass 3D", "3D Max".

How is the coordination and confirmation of a primary sketch carried out?

The sketch is given in an electronic version or on the paper. As a rule, several variants of a chandelier or a lighting composition are given.

Terms of primary sketch performance.

From 3 to 10 days, depending on the degree of a product complexity.

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